“Mary is a superb coach. She helped me focus on and face up to the decisions that had been going round and round in my head without issue. I slept well for the first time in months after just the first session.” P. Johnston, director of a large charity

“I attended Mary’s course which I found inspiring and extremely useful in dealing with the stresses of my work. Mary is intelligent, enthusiastic and an inspiration to all who work with her. She is able to manage and lead large groups of people. She is of constant pleasant disposition and has a good sense of humour. Andrew Grove, Solicitor, Cambridge 

“This holistic course draws together research and established models to develop understanding and skills that are immediately applicable. It also very importantly supports an examination of values and aspirations. A collegial atmosphere is encouraged, and you should be prepared to participate and share, to support and be supported. A great opportunity for ‘sharpening the saw’, taking the long view, clarifying priorities and goals, reaffirming good intentions and establishing new habits. In summary, a well grounded, rich, supportive and practical course.” S. S.,  Senior lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

“I attended today the second day of a course: Sustaining Peak Performance by Mary Sharpe. They were the two most useful days I’d had in a long time. I think most of the people that attended felt the same way. It was fantastic and I am sure will have a great impact in the way I see and organise my work towards greater performance.” Alex Gardiol, Postdoctoral Fellow (neuroscience), Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge 

 “Your course was and still is life changing for me… Every day, in the most amazing way I am ‘noticing’ and progressing. It really occurs to me now just how much ‘everything’ contributes to happiness and when a person gets stuck the only answers come from inside when one little synapse takes a big leap. The glue tends to be difficult to get rid of but there is no turning back now.” Jill Brighton, writer and recently widowed

“ All the areas that you introduced are important to me as an individual and a therapist and are very much the framework that I use for my way of being and doing. What appears to me to be particularly significant is that not only do you know the theory but you present yourself as a living example of your beliefs. This seems so important. You succeed in doing what I try to do in my life and work. Not just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well, and acknowledge the vital spiritual dimension to achieving peace of mind and a healthy body. I really believe that we can give people a positive role model, at whatever age they are searching, if we are wholly committed to the completeness which comes from learning, understanding, accepting, acting and moving on.” Marian George, psychotherapist, St Neot’s 

“ I’m using many things that were mentioned in the course; particularly important is the appreciation of what relaxation & stress actually feel like, setting time aside for relaxing & exercise, and the comparison with peak performers: that they also set time aside for personal development.” James Philips, PhD student, University of Cambridge


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